Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You find the darnest things on other people's blogs

I was looking at my friend Elizabeth's blog, Save for Later on the right. She had a link on one of her posts (2nd post from top) to a cooking blog, called Smitten Kitchen. I now have a link to the right. It's one of the better cooking blogs I've come across. Great pictures and recipe ideas. Thinking about these cookies for Christmas presents perhaps. :-).

And now something for the road, in terms of food,...I came across Frederick Buechner's book, Wishful Thinking: a Seekers ABC's.
. This is the definition Buechner gives for the meaning of Bread.
"Man does not live on bread alone, but he also does not live long without it. To eat is to acknowledge our dependence - both on food and on each other. It also reminds us of other kinds of emptiness that not even the Blue Plate Special can touch."


Elizabeth said...

Smitten Kitchen is addicting. I also love it for her photography skills. Enjoy!

C. Beth said...

Yum, I bookmarked that recipe. Thanks!