Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Melody....the Way of St. James

I am really trying to blog everyday, getting into the habit and developing a spiritual discipline (see Goo, here's my discipline). When I think of it, I'm going to highlight one or more of the blogs on my sidebar, where I've written, "Blogs I like to sniff at and learn from" (Sniff is my expression for giving it everything from a quick glance to looking forward to reading it everyday.) Then maybe you will be introduced to a blog or two, and sniff at them too.

The first one is from a friend of a friend who is experiencing the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. Her blog is titled, "Camino Traveling Mercies". This lady, Melody, is a friend of my friend, Christine. I think they were college roommates, if I understand the connection correctly. Melody is walking with her daughter on a 500 mile ancient(well ancient meaning 1000 years old, middle ages...think Chaucer) pilgrimage that goes through Spain to the cathedral, Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia Spain, where St. James' (the apostle James that tradition accounts as Jesus' brother) remains is thought to be buried. This pilgrimage is commonly called the Way of St. James. I believe tradition also accounts that this is the path James took to bring the gospel to the Spaniards before returning to Jerusalem and his death at the hands of Herod in 42 AD. Google El Camino de Santiago. The results are very interesting.

I first heard of the El Camino from my friend Mary Paige who said I needed to do this at some point in my life. She also told me about some of the more famous books that were written by others experiencing this spiritual journey. One can bike the trail or walk. I believe Mary Paige did the shorter route by bike. Melody is attempting the full 500 miles by foot. Wow...the determination and fortitude. She (Melody) arrived in Spain this past Sunday, the 27th, setting out to the starting point of St. Jean Pied du Port. Her journey is shared through this blog. Here's a snippet from her last entry today, Friday, 7/2.

Every day, it seems, when we´ve needed it most, blessing has come in the form of a fellow traveler or host who brings us help or bandages or friendship. These blessings (and the fact that they consistently seem to show up just when we need them most) have been an amazing gift, and they bring me great joy. The heartbreak is having to learn that every day, you have to open your hand and let those blessings go. People have left, and I haven´t always had the chance to say good-bye, or fully expressed my gratitude for the fact that they had salt when we needed it, or shared some laughter when I was worn down. The blessing that they have been travels off on another path, and I have to remember to be grateful for the part where our paths crossed here.

So here we are, at the end of one week already. There are some really tough-looking days coming down the road--treks of over 30 kilometers, which the guidebook says will take 8.5 hours to finish. I´m still wondering how we´re going to do that, and still trying to learn to let each day stand for itself. Today I have done what I thought, at the start of it, I couldn´t do. And along the way have been blessings and joys I didn´t look for at the beginning of it. So that, I guess, is exactly where I need to stop, and rest.

Blessings on your rest, and on your journeying.

I love these couple of paragraphs because it speaks to the Way of God. Truth in its most simple form.


C. Beth said...

That sort of trek sounds amazing!!

Michelle Brunner said...

I agree with C.Beth! What an interesting journey that would be!