Monday, July 5, 2010

Food, Food, Food....Meet Maggie

This is my second post of a sort of series I'm doing (when I think of it) of some of my favorite or interesting blogs I tend to follow. You can find these on the right side of my blog. The one I'm doing today is called Maggie's Austin. I was turned onto this blog by something that was posted in my friend's Elizabeth's blog. I've followed Maggie for a year or more now. I love the look of her blog, the restaurants she reviews, and how she highlights different bands, or things going on in and around Austin. She reviews, well really highlights, restaurants from small scale out of the way places, to expensive, to your remote trailer eateries. She is never mean and takes alot of pictures of where ever she's covering. She has special features too called Song of the Day, Drink of the Day, or Dish of the Day. This summer, she also did highlights of the eating places she visited in her travels to Spain, France and Italy. As you can tell, this is one of my most favorite blogs.

Today, I tried a restaurant that's owned by Sandra Bullock, which I was originally introduced to through Maggie's blog. It's called Walton's, Fancy and Staple on 6th street. It has to be one of the prettiest restaurants in Austin. I turned to my friend Renee when we walked out and said, "This place looks and feels like Sandra Bullock." Maybe even like the set design of the soap shop from her movie Practical Magic. It's wonderful and I got Cherry/Pistachio bread while I was in there for $2.25. Can't beat that :-). I also got one of the best soups I've had in while, Carrot Bisque. A cup is $2 and a bowl is $4. Anyway, for a sniff of Maggie's blog, here is one of her posts on Walton's. Click on the word Here :-); Here, Here and Here. Okay, all those Heres were various times Maggie covered Waltons, but the last one has the most pictures of inside Waltons. :-).

One last food find, not found on Maggies, that you must try if you live in Austin. There is a Kolache place behind Dallas Night Club on Burnet Road. This place is all about the best homemade kolaches ever, and has been in Austin for decades. For my purchase closing 11 years ago to buy my home in Leander, my agent brought in kolaches that she said was near her home. She lives in Allendale. They were so good...and I searched for this one place for 11 years since that morning closing back in '99. By coincidence, I found it this past Saturday. It's called The Kolache Shoppe, 7113 Burnet Road. And they actually have a website, click on the word website :-). You should try it some time.


C. Beth said...

Walton's looks so cute! Thanks for the info!

Jessica said...

Hey there - I just stumbled upon your blog. I love the way you mentioned the eateries! Absolutely wonderful!
Have a great day!

Laurel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Jessica, and your sweet comments. You did indeed make my day.

Beth, thanks for always supporting me. We have to go to Walton's. It will be fun!